Humphreys 54' IRC under construction at Hakes Marine, Wellington, New Zealand

Humphreys 54' IRC under construction at Hakes Marine, Wellington, New Zealand

Composite structure design

By forming a strong relationship with the client PURE is able to tailor the engineering specification to meet the clients build methods and cost expectations. The staff at PURE has strong practical skills with composite materials and boatbuilding, resulting in practical and cost effective structural solutions.

PURE Design & Engineering are familiar with the major scantling authority codes, ISO, ABS, GL, Lloyds and are able to provide engineering specification to meet these codes. During the approval process PURE can provide liaison with the scantling authority.

Whether it is a new build or modification to an existing craft we can provide an engineering solution.

Detailed construction drawings

PURE pride themselves in providing detailed and clear construction drawings. Care is taken to deliver the right level of detail specific to each project, whether tailored to the builders level of experience or more suited for class approval.

Drawings are primarily produced using AutoCAD in conjunction with Rhino or Solidworks.

FEA Strain plot

FEA Strain plot

Finite Element Analysis

For detailed design and optimization FE analysis can be used. PURE use Abaqus CAE for FE analysis. Abaqus is a world leading FE package with excellent composite capabilities. With the aid of FE analysis complex structure and load cases can be analysed.

Steel fin design

Modern high performance yachts require careful keel design to meet their structural requirements. PURE are familiar with the ISO 12215-9 standard. Compliance with this standard is required for all new offshore racing and cruising yachts. PURE are able to engineer and provide working drawings for fabricated steel fins and solid machined fins. PURE will supply supporting documentation where required for plan approval.

On site detail engineering

PURE engineers and draughtsmen are able to work onsite providing engineering specifications and details. Often with large complex projects it is most efficient to work directly on site.

3D modelling

PURE Design & Engineering create detailed 3D models for structures that form the base geometry for Finite Element Analysis, or we can work alongside your systems engineers to create 3D equipment layouts & routed systems configurations.

Solidworks, Rhino and Inventor are all used for specific applications.